Dirk Bikkembergs Shoes Story

Dirk Bikkembergs Story starts in Germany, where he was born. He is the creator of the Bikkembergs shoes and sport fashion bran, and the first fashion designer to run a fashion show on a football stadium. That was in 1996. 

He is considered one of the top designers for sport fashion, both for women and men. 

He graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium, something that you can notice when you look at his Bikkembergs designs. Considered to be one of the Antwerp Six, a famous group of designers who graduated from Antwerp's academy between 1980-1981, students of Linda Loppa, their dean on the Polimoda fashion school. The group of six united later to celebrate 30 years since they graduated.

He started working for other fashion designers to get some experience, and ended getting the Golden Spindle award for best young designer in fashion, this is when he was given the chance to create his own shoe line for men. In 1992 he was able to also establish his women's fashion line.

Quoting from FMD, the Bikkembergs line

"... has since evolved into a full diffusion line, which can be described as casual city wear with a distinctive fashion edge."

Dirk had become the official designer for Inter Milan by 2003. 

Now, designs from Bikkembergs are used by many famous football players, some players even lived on the designer store. Like Andrea Vasa, who basically lived in a 3 floor store while customers where able to see him as he watched TV or played video games.

Bikkembergs Store
Image from Fashion Network


If you're a fan of Bikkembergs shoes, you should definitely follow the official Instagram @dirkbikkembergs account to get some ideas on what's up with the brand. Also if you like fashion shows, check out this from Spring Summer 2018 Full Fashion Show.

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